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Alexius Nate' is the owner and creative producer of Trinitie Productions LLC.

Alexius Nate’ is originally from southern California. She took her first acting classes at the age of twelve. Shortly thereafter, Alexius and her family moved to Houston,TX. Upon graduating with honors from high school, she decided to continue her education by obtaining a degree in Film and Television production. She went on to work with South Coast Films and Videos and had the opportunity to work with many other media professionals by producing commercials, short films, and corporate videos. She began to produce and book live events for musicians in variety of venues in the Houston area. During this time, Alexius begin hosting her first radio show on KPFT 90.1 called “Open Talk with Trinitie”. The show educated young adults about abstinence and statics on misguided life decisions.  In addition, Alexius took it upon herself to learn every area of production and began her journey on stage in 2012. Her first stage production “Overdose” took her to Washington D.C and the Atlanta Theater Festivals for competition. As she continued to grow as an actress on stage, she really sought out what occurs behind the curtain so she decided to venture into stage-managing. Later, Alexius went on to organize events for the Texas Film Commission Alliance and eventually created Trinitie Productions to produce and support future filmmakers/stage producers. Everything she experiences, both in film and in the stage world; in front of the camera or behind the curtain makes her an unstoppable and phenomenal person to work with. As an aspiring producer her experience, perseverance, and showmanship will leave a legacy.

I remember being a 7yr old girl watching Mary Martin 1960 film version of Peter Pan in amazement.  I sang every song, learned all the choreography and admired all the costumes. As years passed I begin to pay attention to angles and lighting,  back drops, and how it was lit. To watch a stage play performed through video astounded me.  How were they able to make Peter Pan fly etc.?  As I begin to pick apart every piece of production while seeing it all as a whole is when I new I fell in love with film and stage all at the same time. My childlike mind wanted to explore and experience it on stage as the actor as well as behind the camera.

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