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Assistance from a proven leader that is creative, innovative, and experienced as a lifetime storyteller. Alexius Nate` can walk you through a project from beginning to end.

Video Production


Trinitie Productions, LLC started with humble beginnings as a DBA in 2014 in Houston, TX. Triniti co-produced short films and creatively produced stage promos. Life took her to OK where she decided 10yrs of experience would be enough to start her own production company.

Since becoming, TP, LLC focuses on the family dynamics while revealing the inward truth of the human spirit for the non-profit organizations and art communities. Every piece written, performed, or produced is geared towards personal growth by teaching moral life lessons that can "Save a Life", while learning from history which will "Save a Lifetime"!  



Our Mission Statement:

Let's Innovate Together and Inspire to Save a Life and a Lifetime!

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